The Bikeable Richmond Blog

2 Mar

The Bikeable Richmond blog is intended as a small contribution to the work of making Richmond, Virginia more bike friendly and encouraging Richmonders to consider bicycling as a healthy and practical mode of transportation.  I hope to provide a forum for sharing information and exchanging views relevant to Richmond’s development of an infrastructure and culture that will allow everyone to bike safely in the city.  Lots of folks in Richmond are doing a lot of hard work to promote bikeability and improve safety, and I’d like to recognize and promote that work.

Much of the information I expect share here is already out there, but I decided it would be helpful to have a site dedicated specifically to cycling as transportation in Richmond: one-stop shopping for information related to getting around this city by bike.  Please feel free to contribute comments and send ideas, links, information, and such.  Like our bike infrastructure, this is a work in progress!


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