Awesome Assault

27 Mar

By all accounts the Urban Assault ride on Sunday was a great success.  Nearly 400 participants rode around the city to various checkpoints where they had to complete crazy tasks.  The Times-Dispatch and have photos, video, and stories here and here.

Thankfully the rain held off during the morning, although the shower in the afternoon did mean that the afterparty broke up a little earlier than it otherwise would have.

It will be hard to gauge the long term impact of the event, but it’s hard not to believe it will have some of its intended effect (beyond a fun time): driving home how bikeable Richmond is and how great riding in the city is (even when it’s not a scavenger hunt), and reinforcing to everyone that Richmond has a strong cycling scene.  I know a few people who did not participate and are not cyclists but took note of all of the riders around town, so maybe that planted a little seed too…

The Urban Assault ride will be back next year, so hopefully we’ll have even better weather and even more riders!


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