Dead Bikes and Spare Parts

9 Apr

An image from the site "You Found a Dead Bike."

The community blog Fan of the Fan recently featured a post on a really creative new project called You Found a Dead Bike.  Those abandoned bicycles or remnants thereof that you see locked up around town are documented and in some cases “shrouded” with a large black cover with the message “Here lies a dead bike.”  Here’s how the project site explains the idea behind it:

To continue an individual’s memory beyond their life, we build monuments and tombs. By shrouding these dead bicycles, we show our appreciation and love for bicycles and hope that they’ll get their second life.

Within the city limits you will occasionally find a bicycle, locked to a pole or tree, stripped of its valuable pieces and left to rust. Even without these components, the bicycle still has value and could be saved for a minimal cost.

What does this say about our respect for a machine we spend so much time enjoying? Does the loss of a lock key merit the abandonment of the entire bike?

The intent of this project is to bring a renewed appreciation for bicycle culture and awareness to a community willing to leave their friends behind.

There has been discussion in the Mayor’s Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails commission about adopting a policy on abandoned bicycles now that the city is planning to install a lot more racks.  Along with wasting a good bike, abandoning one also takes up a good parking space!  Hopefully there will be a way for an organization such as the bike co-op being organized with some help from RideRichmond to reclaim these “dead” bikes (after they’ve been officially determined to be abandoned) and bring them back to life.

On a related note, folks who have not abandoned their bikes but would like to swap them (or bike parts and gear) should attend the Bike Swap being held April 22 at the VMFA, presented by he VMFA and RideRichmond as part of Bike Week II.  And if your bike is not yet dead but seems a bit sick after sitting in the garage all winter, check out these three simple tips posted by Amy, also at RideRichmond.


One Response to “Dead Bikes and Spare Parts”

  1. Michael Gilbert April 9, 2012 at 7:08 PM #

    Thanks for the info, Jason and the links to RideRichmond. Greatly appreciated! Hope to see you and the community out during Bike Week II!

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