Sign Up for the Bike Commuter Challenge

1 May

In honor of Bike Month and to encourage more Richmonders to try commuting by bicycle to and from work, the Mayor’s Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Trails Commission is collaborating with the city’s Bicycle Coordinator Jakob Helmboldt, RideRichmond, and Ride Finders to sponsor its first Bike Commuter Challenge for the month of May.

Anyone who uses a bicycle for all or part of their commute can participate (that would presumably include those who bike from one of the counties into the city or vice versa).  All you have to do is register at the RideRichmond web site and then report the number of days you commuted by bicycle at the end of each week.  All commutes have to be reported by June 8, and results will be announced June 15.

By registering and participating in the challenge, you will be entered in a drawing to win some new bike commuter gear or even a new Giant commuter bicycle!  And of course you’ll get all of the other benefits of biking and possibly get some good press for your employer.

Click here to register for the challenge.

If you already commute by bicycle, you might also consider inviting a colleague or colleagues to try biking with you and join the challenge, or offer your help to others at your workplace to serve as a commuting “buddy.”  Or just spread the word to other commuters.  If you don’t yet commute by bike, this is a great time to try it out.  There will be tips and advice on bike commuting throughout the month both here and on

Keep an eye out for upcoming information on the Bike to Work Day rally to be held the morning of May 18 at Monroe Park.  Bike convoys will be departing from four different locations to converge at the rally.

The challenge and the rally offer a great opportunity to confirm to city leaders that their decision to invest in bike infrastructure and education has a lot of support. Hope to see you out on your bike and at the rally!


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