This Does Not Count as Biking to Work

3 May

I couldn’t resist a quick post on this (from Gizmodo via Grist), it’s good for either a hearty laugh or a short cry: a stretch SUV that, along with all of the other amenities, has a built-in exercise bike!!!  If you thought driving somewhere to ride a stationary bicycle was ironic, the SUV blows that out of the water.

If you are considering riding a real bike to work or anywhere else during Bike Month and beyond, here are a couple of tips from Grist (especially relevant if you and/or your bike haven’t ridden much recently):

1) Get your bike tuned.  Or have your butler take your bike to have it tuned.  Either way, riding a machine that is in good working order is safer and more enjoyable.

2) Plan ahead.  Ride around a bit just to get back in the mode, and then plan your route.  Google maps can suggest cycling routes that keep you off of major streets.  Consider taking work clothes to change into (rolling is better than folding), and if your employer doesn’t have shower facilities, consider taking baby wipes or a wash cloth and soap to freshen up.

3) Be safe.  The most important part of this is making yourself visible.  I’ll return to this topic in a future post, but besides using lights at night, the most important thing you can do make yourself visible is to ride a straight line (not weaving in and out of parked cars) and with traffic, on the street.

For an expanded list of more detailed tips, check out this recent post at RideRichmond.


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