Bike to Work Day Ride and Rally 5/18

13 May

From Church Hill People’s News:

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 9.47.34 AM

Bike to Work Day

Friday, May 18th, is National Bike to Work Day. There are six group rides that are leaving from around the city, all converging on Monroe Park where the Deputy Secretary of Transportation David Tyeryar will speak. The group will then ride down Franklin Street towards the Capital.

The meet-up locations for 2012 are:

Tricycle Gardens
Michael Gilbert, Captain
Meet 6:30; Depart 6:45

Manchester – Plant Zero
Tom Bowden, Captain
Meet 6:30; Depart 6:45

Ellwood Thompson’s
Jennifer Wampler, Captain
Meet: 6:30; Depart 6:45

Laurel Park Shopping Center
Sheryl Finucane, Captain
Meet: 6:20; Depart 6:30

Bryan Park
Bud Vye, Captain
Meeting 6:20; Depart 6:30

Forest Hill Park – Stone Shelter
Alan Cooper, Captain
Meet 6:30; Depart 6:45

Yes, it’s early.  But please join us!  This is a great time to reinforce public support for the current initiatives to make Richmond a bike-friendlier city.  If you’d rather just ride on your own to Monroe Park, the speeches etc. will begin at 7:15.


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