Gearing Up for 2015

21 May


If you weren’t able to get to the Bike to Work Day Rally on Friday, here’s some press and photos from and the Times-Dispatch.  The turnout was respectable given the early hour and the fact that not everyone works near Monroe Park, with something on the order of 100 riders following the mayor from the park to City Hall.

The RTD piece actually throws a much wider net, looking at progress on the Capital Trail and other efforts with an eye toward the 2015 World Cycling Championships to be held in Richmond.  The article does a good job of capturing just how big of a deal this event will be, especially with respect to making significant progress between now and then in terms of bicycle infrastructure, as well as elements of the soon-to-be-announced Riverfront Plan and other improvements.  I hope the optimism expressed in the article about the completion date for the Capital Trail (2014) is on the mark!

In the meantime, get ready to see some more bike racks around town.  My understanding is that they will look something like the image below, with some mounted on parking meter poles (both with and without meter heads on them), and some mounted on their own where poles are not available.  A recent “Why Richmond, Why?” has the low-down on planned locations for the first round of installation.  I especially look forward to seeing more racks in Carytown: I always cringe when I see bikes locked to the trees there, whose survival rate and utility in providing shade are not great anyway.

Photo by Katie Hinds,

Something else that could help push the bicycle-oriented stuff a bit further along would be to have Richmond added to the as-yet short list of cities that have been given a Bike Score by the well-known site Walk Score, which you can use to compare different homes and neighborhoods for walkability.  Bike Score is a bit different in that it rates an entire city rather than a particular area.  If you follow this kind of thing you will not be surprised that Minneapolis and Portland took the top two spots, with D.C. coming in at #6.  If you tweet, you can go the Bike Score page and tweet that you want them to include Richmond.  If RVA is one of the top ten cities receiving the most tweets, it will be included in the rankings.  ( picked up on this too).


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