Cycling Championships This Weekend!

22 May

No, 2015 did not sneak up on you.  Another championship — one that is decidedly more DIY than the World Cycling Championships coming to Richmond in 2015 — is coming to Richmond this weekend.  It’s the North American Cycle Courier Championships!  In addition to the Alley-Cat races that combine speed and skills in navigating urban streets with something akin to a treasure hunt, the championship includes other courier-oriented events like the Quick Lock Competition, Sprints, and Track Stands.

Despite the comparative lack of headlines and much lower cost, this event is just as much if not more a testament to Richmond’s lively and diverse cycling scene as the 2015 races.

Even if you’ve never worked as a bike messenger, you can still enter in the “open” category.  Or just jump in on one of the group rides or parties being held in connection with the event.  In any case, if you feel like the number of fixed-gear bikes being ridden by heavily tatooed folks in Richmond suddenly multiplies this weekend, now you know why!


2 Responses to “Cycling Championships This Weekend!”

  1. Ron Corio May 23, 2012 at 1:43 AM #

    Does anyone know when or where the cycling events will be held?

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