A Final Word on the Capital Trail

15 Jun

I promise the next post will not be about either the Capital Trail or the federal transportation bill.  Although those things are really really important, too much of anything can be, well, too much.

The Times-Dispatch published an illuminating piece today on the controversy surrounding the Varina Section of the Capital Trail.  I thought it was worth highlighting because it clarifies the history of the conflict between the separated path vs. widened shoulder options.  Basically, a non-VDOT study done at some point recommended a widened shoulder, and Henrico embraced that recommendation, but that option was never a real option from VDOT’s perspective — basically because it would not be consistent with the rest of the trail and would significantly undermine its appeal and utility.  The piece also points out that the separated path, since it runs on only one side of the road, will actually affect fewer landowners and require less right of way than a widened shoulder on both sides of Route 5.

The article includes pdf’s of the proposed alignment and contact information to submit your comments to VDOT, which will be accepted through tomorrow (6/16).  The RTD piece gives the impression that the Varina supervisor Tyrone E. Nelson sees the separated path as a done deal, even if he’s not prepared to actually endorse it.  That’s encouraging, but it’s still worthwhile to reinforce support for VDOT’s design with a quick email.

To read the full article click here.


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