Richmond Connects

12 Jul
The city contracted a firm a few months ago to develop a multimodal transportation plan, and this effort has been organized under the banner of Richmond Connects.  Needless to say, bicycling will be a key component of a truly multimodal tranportation system, and the city’s transportation system as a whole will play an enormous role in how livable and attractive the city is in the future. 
The planning team has already held some public forums to gather input, and on Thursday 7/19 they will be doing so again, this time for the main principles and recommendations they’ve developed.  Please consider attending the meeting and offering your input.  It’s not always easy to tell in what ways and how soon a plan like this will produce change or other concrete results, but they offer the opportunity to discuss visions for the future, and decision-makers do refer to them.  Below is the text from an email that recently circulated with further details:
This public workshop will be at the VDOT Central Office Auditorium, 1221 East Broad Street from 5:30 to 7:30 pm on July 19th.  Mayor Dwight C. Jones is scheduled to speak at 6pm.  The public workshop will provide you an opportunity to prioritize the guiding principles for the plan and to review draft recommendations.  If you cannot attend the meeting you will find most of the material covered on our website at  

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