Memorial Ride

2 Aug

If you’ve been paying attention to local news recently you’ve probably heard about the recent hit and run on River Road that tragically killed a young woman.  24 year-old Lanie Kruszewski was apparently hit from behind even though she had reflectors and a flashing light mounted on her bicycle.  She was by all accounts and experienced and careful cyclist.  You can read the most recent RTD coverage here.

A memorial ride to benefit Lanie’s family has been planned for this Sunday, August 5, at 9-9:30 p.m., leaving from Oregon Hill lookout (near the intersection of Pine Street and Oregon Hill Parkway).  Perhaps it goes without saying, but a helmet and lights are strongly encouraged (and the lights are actually required by law).  

This kind of incident saddens and angers me, but it does not keep me off of my bicycle.  I’m in just as much or more danger every time I drive my car somewhere.  It also reinforces my commitment to making the roads in Richmond and other cities welcoming and safe for cyclists.  River Road is one place this is really needed: the new Huguenot bridge will be much better for cyclists than the old one, but that won’t help much if the roads you ride on to get to and from it are not safe.

While we’re working toward that goal, encourage motorists you know to avoid driving intoxicated or distracted (yes, that includes talking on the phone), and take it easy on the gas pedal while they’re at it.  They might save their own life as well as that of a cyclist or other driver.


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