Meeting Tonight: River Road Bike Friendliness

27 Aug

I just picked this up from the Richmond Area Bicycling Association message board, from RABA’s advocacy chair Bud Vye.  If you can make it out despite the late notice, that would be great!

Here’s the text of Bud’s message:

I have just learned that Tuckahoe District Supervisor Pat O’Bannon is holding a public meeting tomorrow (Monday, 8/27) evening @ 7 p.m. at the River Rd. Baptist Church, River Rd. & Ridge Ave. (just west of U of R) to discuss the need for bike lanes/paved shoulders and/or sidewalks on the section of River Rd.that was recently straightened. The RABA Board is meeting at the same time, so I can not be there, but it would be very helpful if we could get some cyclists who ride that section of River Rd. (particularly if they are Tuckahoe District residents) at that meeting to express some concern and support for a widened shoulder or bike lane. I do not personally ride that section, but have been told by some who do that the straightening project did not really improve the cycling situation (which wasn’t that good) but only gave the motorists a longer sight distance ahead so they could drive faster. Anyone who is able to attend might want to introduce yourself to Charlie Reed (he’s about 6’7″ tall and easy to spot) who lives along that section, is a cyclist, and has been trying for years to get a shoulder or lane to improve the cycling conditions on the major cycling route from the west end out to Goochland. Also, I would appreciate a report of what transpired from anyone who can attend.  Bud Vye, RABA Advocacy Director


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