12 Sep

I just recently stumbled onto the site of an organization called Bikestorming.  The tag line is “Ride a bike and change the world.”  Started by a Buenos Aires advocacy organization called La Vida en Bici, the Bikestorming site is described as “a collaboration platform to make bicycles the main form of transportation in cities across the planet.”  The goal is 50% mode share by 2030.  Ambitious!  But what a wonderful place Richmond would be if half of its residents (even if we just count the city) used bicycles to get around.  For now the web site has a great library of videos and a few other resources.  I’m excited to see what comes of this.

That 50% mode share might be even more easily attainable with infrastructure like this.  According to Grist, a London architect has proposed a network of elevated bikeways called SkyCycle.  The idea is to separate bicycles from cars without having to reduce lanes or parking.  Given the relative reluctance to spend large amounts on bike infrastructure relative to lane widening etc. in most places, I’m not going to hold my breath for elevated bikeways in Richmond, but it would be cool to zoom along Broad Street above it all!

To find out more about what is actually planned and possible in the near term for Richmond, you can ask Jakob Helmboldt, the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator.  He’s the featured guest at tomorrow’s (9/12) Sierra Club meeting at the Science Museum, 7 p.m.  See this link for details.


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