A Forum and a Film

13 Sep

Source: RideRichmond

If you read this blog or the RTD much, you know that the paper — especially editor Tom Silvestri — has become a strong and consistent voice in support of making Richmond bicycle-friendly.  After publishing a number of commentaries and calling on the various jurisdictions to explain their bicycle infrastructure plans and policies, the RTD has now decided to focus one of their Public Square events on the topic.  This would be a great time to let your bicycle flag fly and get answers to your questions about how things are coming along.

Speaking of how local jurisdictions are working on bicycling issues, the RTD recently published the response of Hanover County (City of Richmond and Henrico are there t00).  There doesn’t appear to be all that much in the way of plans for specific improvements, but the report does give the impression that the county’s Sheriff’s Department is more aware of and better trained in bicycling issues than RPD.


So what about the film?  All of this infrastructure stuff is super important but, well, a bit dry at times too.  Maybe the Rag and Bones Bike Co-op movie night this Saturday 9/15 can help.  Donations and proceeds from snacks will help support the great work of the co-op.  (They can use your old but functional bike parts too).  And the film is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  Ride over with a group from the VCU compass at 7 pm, or just head straight over to the co-op at 1300 School Street.


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