Cycling Advocates Rock

1 Oct

That’s the gist of another commentary by the Times-Dispatch‘s Tom Silvestri from Sunday, along with a call to give us what we want.  Yeah!

We rock mainly because, based on Silvestri’s impressions from the recent Public Square event, we are passionate but also reasonable.  We actually have concrete (no pun intended) solutions to the problems we raise.  And we’re truly committed to making the city a better place.  I couldn’t agree more.  Now if we can get a few more folks with money and political pull to share Silvestri’s enthusiastic and articulate support of the cause, we’ll be set.  So far Mayor Jones has talked the talk and to started to walk the walk, but I’m waiting to see how strong his commitment is when tough decisions have to be made — decisions that might upset traffic engineers or some constituents.

Click here for an edited transcript of the aforementioned Public Square on Richmond’s bike-friendliness.

The RTD also recently posted Goochland County’s response to questions about its current and future plans for bicycling infrastructure etc.  Given how rural Goochland is, I wouldn’t have expected a whole lot.  As with many of the responses from the counties, the intentions appear to be there but detailed plans are not.  There is a lot of “we will consider” and “when we eventually reengineer that road…”  How about some Share the Road signs on popular rural routes, at least?  (I specifically mean the ones that show a bicycle and a car on the same road; otherwise motorists are tempted to understand the message as “cyclists should share the road with me and get out of the way”).


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