The Tour

8 Oct

The RTD and have some nice footage and photos of Saturday’s Tour of Richmond.  By most accounts it was a very successful inaugural event.  Five hundred riders, about half of the total — yours truly included — did the 102-mile course through Richmond City and Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, and Henrico Counties.   It was a beautiful day and the law enforcement folks did a great job of keeping the course open.

The Times-Dispatch also published a nice profile of one of Richmond Cycling Corps‘ young riders participating in the Tour — in this case the first young woman in the group to complete a century!

The Tour of Richmond has been touted as one of many events and efforts aimed at amping up enthusiasm for cycling in the area with an eye toward the 2015 championships.  On a very practical note, it’s going to be an incredible logistical feat to move thousands of visitors and support staff around the city for nine days.  Even if Richmond has a bike share program by then, it will likely be fairly modest in size.

Enter Spinlister, a peer-to-peer bike rental web site.  You list your (extra?) bike and other equipment you can provide, and someone who needs a bike while visiting your city finds you and pays you through the web site.  The site also takes care of the liability and “insurance” issues in case the person who rents from you crashes or damages your bike.

Urban Velo recently reported that Spinlister is going nationwide after some initial success in New York and San Francisco.  If Richmond isn’t on the initial list, we should lobby to get on.  What better way — with all of the new bike infrastructure we’ll hopefully be able to show off by then — to move a bunch of guests around the city and put a little extra cash in the pockets of Richmonders at the same time?


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