Why Is That Bicyclist in My Lane?

1 Dec

A facebook page/group called Bicyclists Belong on the Travel Lane includes a nice, fairly succinct list of responses to what many motorists no doubt ask when they encounter a bicyclist taking the lane.  It also serves as a good reminder of why a cyclist would want to take the lane.  It boils down to this: it’s usually safer to be there than hugging the curb or riding right next to parked cars, and you have the legal right to be there, however much motorists might resent that.

Riverfront Plan
Thanks to all of you who contacted your city council members last week to encourage them to pass the Riverfront Plan. The plan passed unanimously!  Coverage in the RTD hits the highlights of the plan and the ongoing issues with the possibility of the city acquiring Mayo Island and/or the USP/Tarmac property for public use.

Legislation on Texting while Driving
Another tidbit I’ve been meaning to post about is a report in the RTD that the Virginia State Crime Commission is going to consider legislation that would make texting while driving a primary rather than a secondary offense.  (Endorsement of the legislation by the commission supposedly carries significant weight among legislators, who would ultimately have to pass any new law).

Distracted driving poses a major threat to cyclists and pedestrians as well as other motorists, and texting is highly distracting (even talking with hands-free equipment is more distracting than you would think).  Under current law, you cannot be pulled over for texting while driving itself.  You can only be cited for it if you are pulled over for some other reason, and the first offense carries a fine of only $20.  Hopefully new legislation will be passed and convey a sense of seriousness appropriate to such dangerous behavior.


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