Rag & Bones Co-Op Moving

4 Jan

Rag and Bones Bicycle Co-op recently had to move out of its location near Virginia Union University.  Posts on the co-op’s Facebook page suggest that a new location is being made ready, and that the recent call for donations to help with the cost of moving and securing a new location got a positive response.  Further donations are no doubt welcome, though.  There is a link on the Facebook page that you can use to submit a secure donation.

In case you’re not already familiar with Rag and Bones, here’s how they describe their mission and methods:

We plan to keep people riding by empowering them to do their own maintenance and repair. We plan to get more bicycles on the road and keep them there by providing a space with the resources needed for bicycle repair. We plan to sustain this service to the public through donations and refurbished bicycle sales to cover our costs.

If your ride is a bit of a clunker, bring it to us and we will show you how to fix it. We have refurbished bicycles for sale, and depending on what we have in stock, you can build your own. We also have repair manuals and other types of literature for you to browse while hanging out on the couch during down time.

We provide you with a few work benches, repair stands, tools, and parts.

You fix your bike, buy one, or build one up. Simple as that.

Tuesdays 5 – 9 p.m.

Saturday 1 – 5 p.m.

If these hours don’t work for you call Joe, the head mechanic, to schedule an appointment.

Please call ahead if you plan to visit.

Joe Bock – 804.397.1475

Hopefully the new location will give the co-op a good home!  I’ll pass on the information as soon as the new address is made public.


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