16 Jan

Dooring Law

The bill mentioned in my last post that would make it a traffic violation if someone opens a car door and strikes another vehicle (like a bicycle) is coming up for discussion tomorrow (Wednesday 1/16) in the Senate Committee on Transportation.  Here are details from the alert sent out by one of the dedicated local advocates who has been following this stuff closely:

Tomorrow at 1:30pm the Senate Committee on Transportation will be meeting at the General Assembly (link here). Senator Petersen’s dooring bill will be presented (summary here). There has been quite a bit of attention on this bill in the press: RVA NewsVirginia Pilot, andWashington Post.

If you can possibly make it to the meeting to make your support known, that would be great!

Virginia Capital Trail

Another update focuses on the Virginia Capital Trail.  In a recent post I discussed the concerns of a Varina man whose property is right next to a proposed realignment of the trail near Dorey Park.  Bill Lohmann at the RTD published a great rebuttal to those concerns on Monday.  The piece recounts fairly significant opposition to the Virginia Creeper Trail (definitely worth the trip, by the way) when it was first proposed, and widespread support for it within a couple of years after it was constructed.  The feared problems failed to materialize, and the benefits were and continue to be significant.  It’s hard to imagine the Virginia Capital Trail turning out any different.

Sports Backers Gets into Bicycle Advocacy

Finally, some time ago I passed on the news that Sports Backers was setting up something called Bike Walk RVA.  Cyclists who participated in the Tour of Richmond had the option of getting discounted entry if they donated to this effort.  Richmond.com recently filled in a lot more detail about this, and it sounds very promising.

Supported by a grant from the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, Sports Backers will hire a Bike Walk RVA Director who will be tasked with trying to encourage and coordinate regional efforts around cycling and walking, and coordinate support for annual events focused on these activities, among other things.  The release specifically mentions an open streets event, in which selected local streets would be closed for several hours on the model of Ciclovia events that originated in Bogotá, Colombia and have become quite popular in many U.S. cities.  Word has it that the Director will be hired soon and the first open streets event is not far off.


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