A New Advocate for RVA

21 Mar

A few months ago Sports Backers — the folks who bring you the Moonlight Ride and a lot of the running events in Richmond — announced that they would be throwing their hat into the bike-ped advocacy ring with an initiative called Bike Walk RVA.  Here are the basics from a January update I posted:

Supported by a grant from the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation, Sports Backers will hire a Bike Walk RVA Director who will be tasked with trying to encourage and coordinate regional efforts around cycling and walking, and coordinate support for annual events focused on these activities, among other things.

Well, Sports Backers managed to lure someone all the way from Seattle to head up this effort!  Max Hepp-Buchanan served for the last two years as Advocacy Programs Manager for the Cascade Bike Club, the largest club of its kind in the country according to the press release.  In this position, Max “acted as the lead on the Seattle Bike Master Plan, served as the co-chair of the Seattle’s Bicycle Advisory Board, and created the Advocacy Leadership Institute to train interested citizens to be grassroots advocates.”

It certainly won’t hurt to have an experienced, well-trained (he has an M.A. in urban planning), full-time advocate in the area.  I look forward to seeing what Max and Sports Backers can do!


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