Petition for a Master Plan

22 Apr

My fellow bike blogger at Ride RVA has started a petition calling on Richmond City Council to fund an approve a bicycle master plan.

While it’s true that we have the report of the Mayor’s commission, which was also approved, it does not have the status of a plan per se and is not specific in every case about what kind of facility (cycle track, bike lane, etc.) should be used.  The soon-to-be complete Strategic Multi-Modal Transportation Plan also includes recommendations for pedestrian and bicycling improvements, but as part of a much broader plan it also does not have the level of detail we need.  (I’ll have a bit more to say about that plan in an upcoming post).

A bicycle master plan would map out a network of cycle tracks, trails, and lanes to be put in place in the coming years.  Having it approved by City Council will give these projects legitimacy in case of conflict with other city departments, and will give our Bike-Ped Coordinator Jake Helmboldt a clear reference point when soliciting city and regional funds to pay for them.

So, if you’re behind the effort to make Richmond bikeable for all ages and levels of rider, take a minute to sign the petition.

And if you’d like to make a statement with a ride and your physical presence at a meeting with Mayor Jones, meet tomorrow 4/22 at the VCU Compass (near Cabell Library) for a ride to City Hall and a meeting with Jones to declare May Bike Month in Richmond.


One Response to “Petition for a Master Plan”

  1. Juliellen April 22, 2013 at 1:16 PM #

    The majority of cities that are bicycle-friendly have adopted Bicycle Master Plans. A Bicycle Master Plan for Richmond would coordinate, facilitate, and legitimize bicycle improvements throughout the city. Without a Bicycle Master Plan, projects would likely be piecemeal and disjointed. Richmond deserves a Bicycle Master Plan!

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