New Coalition & Bike Month Wrap Party at Hardywood!

24 May

GRBCIt’s been an eventful Bike Month!  In addition to the usual events, we’ve gotten word that the city will be getting a detailed, comprehensive bike master plan.  And Sports Backers’ Bike Walk RVA initiative has really taken off with the arrival of its new director, Max Hepp-Buchanan.

As of yesterday Richmond now officially has a long-needed bike-advocacy coalition, the Greater Richmond Bicycle Coalition (look for them on Facebook and Twitter too).  The  focus, I’m thrilled to report, is getting infrastructure in place that will allow pretty much anyone to feel comfortable using a bicycle to get around in Richmond.

As its inaugural event, the coalition is hosting a Bike Month Wrap Party at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery on Friday, May 31, 5-8 p.m.  Live music from Solpocket.  Why not ride to work that day, take a spin by Hardywood afterwards, and celebrate the coalition and biking in Richmond?  Ten percent of beer sales will benefit the coalition.

Further details about the coalition from the press release (via

The coalition is a new partnership of organizations and individuals formed to coordinate and encourage progress in bicycle infrastructure projects within Richmond and the surrounding region….

With combined membership numbering in the thousands, Coalition partners will be active in promoting bike-friendly plans, policies, and funding within the Richmond region by encouraging local elected officials to prioritize development of a connected network of shared-use paths, protected bike lanes, bicycle boulevards, and other bicycle infrastructure needs….

The Coalition partners share a vision of a Richmond region that is vibrant and where people want to live, work and play; where people are healthy and active; and where quality of life is made better because bicycling is safe, convenient, and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. The mission statement of the Greater Richmond Bicycle Coalition is, “Building a Richmond region that is bikeable for everyone.”

The list of participating organizations and businesses is quite long.  Their combined forces, in conjunction with the master plan, could be a real game-changer.  Hope you’ll lend them your support, and hope to see you at Hardywood next Friday!


2 Responses to “New Coalition & Bike Month Wrap Party at Hardywood!”

  1. billyboneparte42 May 24, 2013 at 2:40 PM #

    I just heard about this event from a neighbor and I’m excited to participate. Do we expect to hear from anybody in particular? Will Jake Helmboldt be there? I try to be excited about these events and the opportunity to share my love for riding with others, but I’d hate to think this is just another event where people just get trashed and get DWI’s on their way home.

    • bikeablerichmond May 26, 2013 at 11:15 AM #

      Not sure about Jake, but the new director of BikeWalk RVA, Max Hepp-Buchanan, will be, along with other members of the new Greater Richmond Bicycle Coalition. The aim is definitely not to send out a bunch of drunk cyclists into the streets.

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