Cycling Clinic This Thursday 5/30

28 May
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Do you know someone who might try bicycling more but doesn’t know where to start?  Or maybe you yourself just want to be clear on the basics.  Well, Ride Richmond has the perfect thing: a cycling clinic that covers the basics of choosing and maintaining a bicycle as well as riding in the city.  It’s coming this Thursday, May 30, 6-8:30 p.m. at VCU RamBikes, 201 N. Belvidere.

Here’s what the Facebook page for the event says:

We will … discuss bike selection, fit, basic DIY maintenance, and teach you how to be confident urban cyclist. All are welcome (gotta spread the bike love around)!

Here’s the basic course outline. Bring your bike and helmet if you want to ‘play along’ and adjust the fit or practice some of the maintenance tasks we’ll cover.

First half 6:00 – 7:00
1)what kind of bike should I buy? Where should I buy my bike, should I buy used or new, how much will it cost? How to tell a “good” garage sale bike/craigslist find.

2)how to make it fit (general frame size guidelines, how to adjust a saddle, different types of handlebars and how to adjust them, stem, brake levers, toe clips/clipless pedals)

3)pre ride “ABC-Quick”check (Air, Brakes, Chain/Cranks/Cassette,Quick Releases,overall check) and quick adjustments that may be made.

4)maintenance: how to fix a flat, when/how to lube chain, how to tell when brake pads and tires need replaced

5)clothing & accessories: helmet fit, dressing for the weather and what kind of riding you’ll be doing, other accessories

7:00-7:15 break,more tire patching practice,Q&A

Second Half – 7:15-8:30

6)bike handling (starting, stopping, steering, scanning, and signalling)

7) bicycling in traffic (traffic law, changing lanes, crash types, avoidance maneuvers)


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