Today’s Bike Parade

27 Jul

bicycle parade

Did anyone participate in the bike parade this evening?  How was it?  What kind of crowd?  How did it compare with Critical Mass rides of the past?  Obviously I caught wind of this just a bit too late, but the good news is that it apparently happens every last Friday of the month.

I’m curious about this because I’ve been kind of hoping for a fun ride in Richmond a bit more laid back than Critical Mass.  Maybe it’s having a four year-old on the back of my bike and being over 40, but something about “bike parade” attracts me more.  I hope it’s a bit more like the “bike parties” that some folks in Baltimore have been organizing lately.  From what I can tell, a bike party is like a bike parade — all about fun and not at all about speed, just cruising as a group around town — but with a sound system and costumes.  After reading about it I have to admit I have fantasized about pedaling through Carytown with disco duds to the rhythm of “Funky Town.”  Maybe I’ll get my behind in gear to organize that sometime soon, but in the meantime we have bike parade!


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