Farewell, Pibby’s

3 Aug
Yuba Mundo cargo/utility bike at Pibby's.

Yuba Mundo cargo/utility bike — on sale at a big discount at Pibby’s.

The bad news, as most of you have probably heard, is that Pibby’s Bicycle and Skate on Broad Street is going out of business.  Read the BizSense story here.  Keeping a bike shop profitable is not easy, and it may be that the city went a bit beyond it’s saturation point with the number of shops opening in recent years.

I felt a bit guilty at first about the idea of picking up stuff at a discount at the store’s liquidation sale.  But I was able to overcome that, in part because buying the stuff will help the owner Chip Atkins come out of the deal in the black.

There is only one day left of the sale: Saturday 8/3!  As of Friday afternoon there were still quite a few Michelin tires (mostly city and mountain) for 40% off, a few iBert kid seats (the kind that allows the kid to ride in front of you — they’re great), and Lazer helmets, along with a few other things, all at a big discount.

There were also a few bikes, including a Yuba Mundo cargo bike — a longtail bike with huge bags rated to carry 200 lbs plus the rider.  (I’d snag this if I didn’t already have one!  It essentially serves as our second car.  You can carry two kids, groceries, a friend, or a bunch of bike stuff from Pibby’s with this thing).  There were also a couple of “moon lander” type bikes with enormous tires for riding in sand, snow, or mud, and a couple of other nice bikes.


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