Two Steps Forward

16 Oct


If you’ve followed this site for very long you may have come away with the impression that I alternate between hopefulness and discouragement about the future of bicycling in Richmond.  It’s probably not as bad as one step back for every two steps forward, but some of those steps forward feel very slow and difficult.  This week you it’s possible to see some nice small steps forward, and in some cases some preparations for some bigger ones.

Shiplock Park Trail Head

Progress on the Capital Trail is noticeable, but it’s hard to be patient, especially with what seems like endless back and forth between VDOT and people in Varina.  Well, you’ll be glad to know that the projected date of completion for main trail between Richmond and Williamsburg is still fall of 2015, just in time for the UCI World Championships that October.  One more piece of that larger project just got a ribbon cutting today: the trail head at Shiplock Park in Richmond.  According to the Capital Trail blog, in addition to bike racks, information kiosks, and shelters, the project included some general beautification of the park.  So if you didn’t make it down for the ribbon-cutting, consider taking a peek at the new Shiplock Park.

Floyd Bike Boulevard and Downtown Cycle Tracks

Rvanews has an update on two major bike infrastructure projects being considered for the city: cycle tracks (bike lanes separated from traffic) on Franklin and Main, and a bicycle boulevard on Floyd.  If you’ve been following news on these projects, there isn’t a great deal that’s new in the report.  It does include an announcement of a forum on the Floyd bike boulevard being hosted by the Fan District Association (see info here via Facebook).  Please make a point of going if you live in the Fan or Museum District.  Critics of such projects tend to be vocal and therefore heard even if they are not in the majority, so it’s really important for residents of the area in favor of the project to come and learn more, and voice their support.  An informational flyer on the project with answers to FAQs is here.

Bikes, BBQ, and Bluegrass

For you mountain bikers, this years marks the second annual Bikes, BBQ, and Bluegrass event to be held October 26 at Pocahontas State Park.  Proceeds will benefit the further development of Pocahontas as an official IMBA Regional Ride Center, a project that entails constructing new trails and other mountain biking facilities at the park.  Tickets $15-25, kids under 12 free.  See for details.


A bit more on the recreational side, the RTD reported on a trio of Richmonders who recently launched a smart phone app called Outdoorsy.  It’s designed to make it easier to find other people to get together with to do outdoor activities like running, cycling, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and more.  So if you’d like to make that next outing more social, consider trying Outdoorsy.


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