Floyd Ave Mobile Open House – This Saturday

30 Oct
A map of bike boulevards and lanes in Tuscon, AZ.  Blue lines are bike boulevards; red are bike lanes on busier streets.

Now that’s a network! A map of planned bike boulevards and lanes in Tuscon, AZ. Blue lines are bike boulevards; red are bike lanes on busier streets.

We made it over the latest hurdle!  Monday evening — very late — city council passed the resolution that will allow the city to submit an application for funding the project.  See RTD coverage here (the last third of the piece).

As noted previously, this was a crucial vote for the project’s survival, but it is not a done deal by any stretch.  Preliminary design is ongoing and will be presented for discussion early next year to neighborhood associations and other residents in the Fan and Museum District.

As the first bike infrastructure project that involves significant change to a city street, the Floyd Ave bike boulevard is especially important.  Making sure that residents have a say and feel that they’ve had input; calming fears and countering misinformation; and mobilizing support for bike infrastructure will have payoffs for future projects.

Mobile Open House

An opportunity for that kind of discussion is coming up on Saturday, November 2.  As RVA News reports, BikeWalk RVA and Ride Richmond have organized a Mobile Open House to give everyone an opportunity to learn more about and discuss the project while traveling the street in question:

The discussion begins at 10:00 AM at Monroe Park when bicyclists, joggers, and walkers will travel up Floyd Avenue, discussing the pros and cons of the proposed project. The discussion will continue at 12:00 PM at the VMFA’s Leslie Cheek Theater until 2:00 PM. Free bike valet will be provided in the museum’s E. Clairborne and Lora Robins Sculpture Garden.

Hope to see you there!  And many thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about Monday’s council vote and contacted their representatives.  This kind of mobilization will continue to be vital as we try to make the Floyd Avenue project and many others a reality.


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