VDOT $$ and More on Floyd

6 Nov

Bicycling is becoming a more and more significant part of the transportation mix in Virginia, and will likely continue to do so.  But it still does not register as prominently in state and local budget numbers as it should.

Tonight the Commonwealth Transportation Board is holding a public meeting in Richmond to get input on its Six-Year Improvement Plan for roads, rail, and transit.  Probably not the most exciting thing to do on a Wednesday night, but lots of transportation money is at stake!  This is an important opportunity to weigh in on the state’s decisions about where to put its transportation money.  Open house and informal discussion begin at 6, formal presentation at 7 pm, at VDOT Central Office Auditorium, 1221 E. Broad Street.

Meetings will be held in other localities as well, and the CTB is offering the possibility of participating in a virtual meeting as well.  Click here for more details.

RTD Column on Floyd Avenue

I was delighted to read Michael Paul Williams’ column on the Floyd Avenue bicycle boulevard (aka neighborhood byway) yesterday.  The main take-away points are that these streets (combined with other bicycle infrastructure in a comprehensive network) have contributed to a significant increase in the use of bicycles for transportation, and that once people see their positive effects for the neighborhood, they tend to want one on their street too.

I attended the Mobile Open House on Saturday on Floyd and at the VMFA, and came away encouraged.  About 50 people, mostly on bikes or in pedicabs, made several stops along Floyd, posing questions and listening to city bike-ped coordinator Jake Helmboldt explain how the street might change.

There are still some residents with serious concerns, one of the big ones being whether street parking spaces might be reduced, mainly by curb bump-outs that improve visibility and safety by preventing cars from parking too close to an intersection.  (Think of how you have to creep out into the intersection, especially if you’re traveling on a north-south street in the Fan, to see if anyone is coming on a street like Floyd).  The city has pledged to aim for zero net loss of parking spaces, which could be accomplished by adjusting or removing parking restrictions on other areas.

Preliminary design for Floyd are supposed to be finished by February, when they will be presented to the public for discussion.  Be ready to come out and voice your support!


2 Responses to “VDOT $$ and More on Floyd”

  1. Rick Swyers November 7, 2013 at 1:59 AM #

    I own two homes on Floyd. My family moved to floyd in 1969. Can’t wait to have a street with bikes and people, rather than cars scrambling to get somewhere. It’s about time to offer another mode of safe, green transportation. Thanks to all involved, Rick Swyers

    • bikeablerichmond November 7, 2013 at 2:54 AM #

      Wonderful to hear of your support! Hope you’ll be able to make it to the public meetings after the preliminary design comes out — and encourage your supportive neighbors to come too.

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