How Could I Forget?

9 Apr

Image from the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation.

My last post had a big, now glaring hole in it.  In listing the cycling events already planned for May I completely blanked on the Cap2Cap ride (May 10), which benefits the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation.  There are a number of ride options, and you can start in Richmond or Williamsburg.

Bike Month from the Ground Up

With that said, it would still be really great to have some smaller events in Richmond for Bike Month.  We’re hoping to make this Bike Month a real grass roots effort.  No experience or funds necessary — just willingness to get some people together and ride for fun.  If you’re interested in helping out, come to Sports Backers (next to the Diamond) tomorrow evening March 10 for some discussion/socializing starting at 6 pm.

Infrastructure Funding Update

Michael Paul Williams joined the chorus a few days ago in the RTD calling for dedicated bicycle infrastructure funding, as did Richmond Outside.  The Greater Richmond Bicycle Coalition has also sent a letter to city council members calling for them to ensure that bicycle infrastructure received adequate funding in this last city budget before the 2015 championships.  GRBC also has a link you can use to send a message yourself if you haven’t done so already: click here.

The GRBC alert reads as follows:

Now is the chance to make a real, on-the-ground improvement for bike riders in your community. In order to build the network of bikeways Richmond needs, City Council needs to:

  • Allocate $3 million in the FY 2015 budget to fund it
  • Not rely on federal grants, which cannot be guaranteed in this time of urgency
  • Allocate $3.5 million for the Brown’s Island Dam Walk component of the Riverfront Development Plan for a safe and convenient crossing of the James River



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