Snacks for Bike to Work Day!

15 May


cycle track-2255_1

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If you’re someone who does not usually bike to work but took the plunge during Bike to Work Week, May 12-16, good for you!  If you need a bit more of a nudge — or a reward if you bike to work anyway — then Bike to Work Day is your day.

One of the many rides and other activities that your fellow Richmonders have put together for Bike Month (see the calendar here) include refreshments and rewards for morning bike commuters at several locations this Friday, May 16, from 7-9 a.m.  So if one of these locations is on your route or close to it, stop by for a high five and some free coffee and snacks:

Oregon Hill (2nd Street behind War Memorial)
Floyd Ave (at Morris)
Leigh and Lombardy
MLK Bridge (MCV side)
James Center
Main St. Station

If you’re still thinking about commuting by bike, or are trying to convince someone to do so, check out this piece from Momentum Mag with basic tips on doing it comfortably.


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