Northside Happenings

27 May

Northside Bike Lanes

Ever ride (or drive) along Hermitage or Brook Road and fantasize about what it would be like to have a nice bike lane to ride in?  The current draft Bicycle Master Plan foresees buffered bike lanes (a bike lane with a buffer zone between the lane and the motor vehicle lane) on these roads as well as a section of Brookland Park Boulevard.

These and other proposals for the northside are up for discussion and input this Thursday, May 29, 6 pm at Holton Elementary School.  If you’re planning to attend, it would be great to let Bike Walk RVA know: RSVP here.

Kidical Mass

The first northside Kidical Mass Bike Parade on Saturday May 24 saw 40-50 adults and children come out for music, popsicles, and a fun ride through the streets of Bellevue (more photos on the event Facebook page).  Thanks to all who took part!

When should we do the next Kidical Mass?  What should the theme be?  Should we do a city-wide one next time?  Who wants to host one in their neighborhood?  It’s easy!



Ready to ride!

We also got to try out bikes from Yuba.  Steve Bode brought down a few, including the Mundo cargo/family bike with electric assist, which was a hit.

In case you’re wondering, I have no connection to Yuba other than owning one, and I know a number of folks in Richmond who are happy with theirs.  That said, there are a growing number of good cargo bikes out there.  An earlier post on cargo bikes is here.  Check out articles from Momentum Mag here and here to learn more.  They also have a review of ten cargo bikes here.


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