RVA Streets Alive! this Saturday

18 Jun


RVA Streets Alive! is back again this Saturday 10/21, 10 am to 2 pm, in a different location/route.  This time a loop including parts of Broad Street and Brook Road will be closed to traffic to make room for biking, walking, and all kinds of other fun and fitness-oriented activities.  See the route map here and a list of organizations and vendors here.  It’s free and open to everyone.  Just show up and enjoy!

Here’s the blurb from the event web site:

Inspired by open streets projects all over the world, this event is about closing streets to cars and opening them to the public — for one day — to create a whole new healthy, sustainable and vibrant city street experience. FREE and open to everyone to do what you wish – run, walk, bike, roller blade, WHATEVER! Make sure to check out the vendors lining the streets with free activities for the entire family!

This is a great opportunity to enjoy the city — or at least part of it — in a different way.  To me it serves to highlight what city streets that are friendly to people on foot and bike (and skateboard etc.) can be like.  The goal is not, of course, to make Richmond car-free, but just to show that streets where non-motorized activity is made safe and fun are a really good idea.




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