Important Floyd Ave Meeting Tuesday 7/15

10 Jul
Bike-walk street in Palo Alto, CA.  From

Bicycle boulevard in Palo Alto, CA. From

This is it, folks!  Proposed design details for the Floyd Avenue bike-walk street (aka bike boulevard) project will be presented and discussed this coming Tuesday July 15, 6:30-8 pm, at the Virginia Historical Society.  This is not a final design, but will include more specific recommendations compared to previous meetings.

If you support this project and the expansion of bike infrastructure in Richmond, please make a point to come to this meeting.  It’s especially important for residents near Floyd to make their voices heard, but we can use all of the support we can get.

The last meeting in May made clear that there is a very energetic and vocal minority intent on seeing this project killed altogether.  They clearly don’t want to discuss the project except to say they reject it.  We need to show the relevant council members — Samuels, Baliles, and Agelasto — that many people strongly support the project, even if they may have concerns about some details.

We can do this!


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