Cultivating Advocates — Could You Be One?

6 Aug
Image from Bike Walk RVA.

Image from Bike Walk RVA.

Bike Walk RVA just announced an exciting new initiative called Bike Walk RVA Academy.  The idea is to educate and motivate new advocates for bicycle infrastructure and education in the Richmond area.  There is some movement around these things in Richmond now, but to be sure that we get an extensive and high quality network of infrastructure, we need a strong network of advocates.

From the site:

The Bike Walk RVA Academy of the Sports Backers will develop local walking and bicycling advocates and enthusiasts into grassroots leaders in their communities. We will empower you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to effectively advocate for new and high-impact bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects in your neighborhood – infrastructure that allows people ages 8 to 80 to get where they need to go on foot or by bike…

The Bike Walk RVA Academy is designed to inspire individuals, create a strong camaraderie among bicycle and pedestrian advocates in Richmond, and facilitate ongoing collaboration with the Bike Walk RVA staff of the Sports Backers.

The Bike Walk site has more details on topics/skills to be covered and dates.

The eight two-hour sessions of the academy are offered free of charge, but there is an application process and limited capacity.



One Response to “Cultivating Advocates — Could You Be One?”

  1. Bragda August 6, 2014 at 12:34 PM #

    We are a baby company about bikes, movement and moving to Richmond BECAUSE of such a great incentives. Bikes do bring business to places and make community stronger:)

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