Floyd Ave. Survey Says “Yes”!

8 Aug


Rvanews just posted the results of a survey sent out by the Fan District Association about the proposed bike-walk street (aka bike boulevard) project on Floyd Avenue.  (Find the survey and comments here).  No one will be surprised that there is some opposition, but here’s the great news:

66% of respondents signaled support and about 10% remain neutral or unsure.  That leaves 24% opposed.  

There is also a breakdown of the responses from those who live on Floyd.  Here too the numbers are clearly in favor, with almost the exact same percentage as the total in favor (67%) and a minority opposed (21%).

There is one concern expressed in the comments that I share, though: the revised plan does very little to divert traffic from Floyd. I can only assume that diverters were taken out to appease critics who were freaked out by them.  I’m a bit worried about Floyd becoming more attractive to car drivers due to the traffic circles replacing stop signs.  But I’m also willing to wait and see — and hope that adjustments can be made if needed.

I really hope this goes through, not just because it will be an important part of a network of bikeways eventually, but also because it’s extremely likely that if it’s built life will go on and the fears that seem to animate opposition (disappearing parking, bikes “taking over,” and crazy traffic on other streets) will be shown to be baseless.


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