Go Bike! Design Contest

2 Sep


You might have seen this on the back cover of the latest Style Weekly, but in case you didn’t…

The local group i.e.* is sponsoring the Go Bike! Design Contest.  I was kind of hoping for a contest for funky bike racks kind of like the ones designed by David Byrne for New York City, but this could be cool too.

Here’s the scoop from the i.e.* web site:

Win $2500 for the design of an iconic artistic symbol to grace the tops of 30 bike racks to be installed throughout the City of Richmond before the 2015 World Cycling Championships.

 We will cast 30 replicas of the winning design in metal, to be bolted atop the city’s bike racks. The metal design will be distributed to 30 artisans throughout RVA who work in a wide variety of media to embellish the symbol into original works of art, creating a customized finish for a uniquely RVA bike rack and art piece.  The locations of the bike racks have been determined based on the City’s Master Bike Plan.

 The winner will be recognized at all GoBike! sponsored events, will be credited with the creation of the original design in official documentation, and will be announced  in local newspapers, the i.e.* website, and in all communications related to the project.

i.e.* describes itself as “a collaborative community initiative to discover, support, and showcase creativity and innovation in the Richmond region, and amplify it to the world.”

So check out the specs by following the link above and start sketchin’!


3 Responses to “Go Bike! Design Contest”

  1. writingbicyclist September 5, 2014 at 9:51 PM #

    “The locations of the bike racks have been determined based on the City’s Master Bike Plan.”
    When was that Master Bike Plan completed? I haven’t heard anything about it since the draft maps came out around May.

    • bikeablerichmond September 5, 2014 at 11:12 PM #

      My understanding is that the Bike Master Plan is almost done but not quite. They might be referring to a separate plan for the bike rack placement.


  1. Richmondoutside.com » Fame, fortune await bike design contest winner - September 3, 2014

    […] local organization i.e.*, the City of Richmond and the Greater Richmond Chamber is sponsoring the Go Bike! Design Contest, which is open to the public. According to the i.e.* […]

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