Calling All Women Cyclists

7 Oct


Local advocate Amy George is aiming to mobilize women in Richmond — those who use a bicycle to get around already, and those who might consider doing so.  The Richmond Women’s Cycling Summit is coming Thursday, October 23, at 7 pm to the Virginia War Memorial.  Here’s the scoop from the Facebook invite:

Creating strong,inclusive, and empowered cyclists. The joy of riding a bicycle transcends background and can change lives, families, and communities for the better. Join the conversation. Whether you’re riding everyday or want to get started, this is the place to learn, connect, and be inspired!

The agenda will include a moderated discussion to ask questions, solicit support, pose ideas, and start the conversation into how we can encourage and empower more women to cycle in the Richmond area.

We want to build and create connections across the cycling community, and bring new riders into the fold, so there will be a panel of diverse women cyclists who will discuss their insights and experience, as well as conversation between attendees. Bring your questions, bring your ideas, bring your experiences.

This is only the beginning of a movement. We’re not aiming to tell you how to ride your bike. We want you to become a “roll model”, an advocate, and a confident cyclist.

We’re also planning to have a group ride through the arts district to the event, to showcase how much fun it can be to incorporate biking into your daily life!

On the streets and in bike advocacy circles, men tend to outnumber women.  It’s not that men and women cyclists are so fundamentally different, but there are reasons for this disparity.  For most advocates, seeing a good percentage of women among bike commuters is a sign that you’re getting it right in terms of creating safe bikeways that also feel safe.  It’s also been determined that, because of the way childcare and house duties still tend to be divided up, some women find it more difficult to use a bike instead of a car.  All of this is simply to say: more women’s voices in the conversation is a good thing.

Hope this is the beginning of a new and strong movement of women riding bikes in RVA!


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