Bicycle Ya’ll — Bike Stories and Fun Coming 6/13

8 Jun


The end of May clearly does not mean the end of bicycle-related fun in Richmond.  Bicycle Y’all is the best sign of that.  With all of the bike stuff happening in Richmond, particularly the beginning of the UCI championships in less that 100 days (!), you can expect we’ll be on a roll (heh) with such things.

In this case it’s the folks behind Secretly Y’all.  According to the RVA Mag piece about the event,

…the group brings people together in a place around town every other month to share personal stories in front of each other.

“An event where people tell true stories in front of a live audience based on a theme, that’s kind of our bare bones,” King said. “We ask for submissions, people submit stories to us.”

The storytelling events usually take place at Balliceaux, but this time the group launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised enough cash to rent to the old GRTC depot at Cary and Robinson (site of the last street art festival).  Attendees can expect, not surprisingly, stories about or incorporating bicycles, but also bike sculptures, four square beer, music, and a story bike!  And other great stuff.

Co-organizer Kathleen Brady describes the goal this way in the RVA Mag article:

“A big part of the Bicycle Y’all event is to invite in as many people to listen to stories, but also kind of realize that the roads are for everybody in the city,” Brady said. “Cars, bikes, people walking; these roads belong to all of us.”

Heck, yeah!  Tickets are $10 and available here.


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