Celebrate the Cannon Creek Greenway this Saturday

26 Jun


Did you know that in addition to the all of the new lanes and sharrows in Richmond, we also have a (relatively) new greenway with a biking and walking path separated from motorized traffic?  If you haven’t had a chance to try out the Cannon Creek Greenway (or maybe didn’t even know about it), this Saturday is a great day to check it out.   Not only is it a great trail, it also serves as a nice way to travel between the city’s north side and Shockoe Bottom.  And if that’s not enough to lure you, there will also be free food!


One Response to “Celebrate the Cannon Creek Greenway this Saturday”

  1. bob burch August 3, 2015 at 12:23 PM #

    Rode the Cannon Creek trail Friday for the first time. Beautiful! Can’t wait till its finished.
    I rode it to Brookland Park Blvd. and then to North Blvd. On a weekday its a little tricky and dangerous especially between the Diamond and Broad st. The Sharrows have little effect on traffic. Several drivers brushed by me with little room for error. I worry less experienced riders would have trouble handling some very tricky sections.
    I don’t know what the solution would be. There are lots of bike lanes in the area that just end abruptly leaving it to the rider how to proceed safely. Maybe signage warning of an upcoming congested area? Education of drivers of their responsibility’s and the rules of the road?

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