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A Little Guide(ance)

23 Jul


I’m finally back.  I wasn’t really away the whole time, but you know how summer can be.

There are a few things on the burners that will be of interest to people who ride bikes in Richmond, so this will be a bit of a catch-up post.  The first one is a new bikeways guide from Bike Walk RVA — available in paper and pdf formats.

You’ve probably had people ask you what those sharrow things mean and might have witnessed (as I have) someone driving their truck right down the middle of a designated bike lane.  And some people who ride bikes may still be unsure about what all of that white and green paint really means.  Totally understandable.  Some of this is relatively new to Richmond and most places in the U.S.  There’s still plenty of distance to cover on the learning curve.

Well, a guide put together by Bike Walk RVA is now here to help.  Take a look and pass it on.  And at the risk of appearing to engage in shameless self-promotion, I’ll mention that a couple of days ago Channel 8 did a story featuring the guide and some new buffered lanes on W. Leigh — with a little contribution from yours truly.

Here’s a few more things you might want to know about in Richmond and elsewhere:

• The Lakeside Business Association is declaring itself the first permanent Bicycle Friendly Business District in the Richmond area.  Local businesses will offer discounts or other incentives on Saturdays for patrons arriving by bicycle.  The Bellevue area did a pilot BFBD for Bike Month 2015 and is working on something similar to the Lakeside program.  Read more here.  Go Northside!

Richmond 2015 is holding a series of meetings to get everyone up to speed (so to speak) about the races in September.  “Race ready,” as they put it.  Check here for times and locations.

• The new Growlers to Go has installed a hose on the building to allow bicycle riders to use the store’s nitrogen to fill their tires.  There is, as i have now learned, some debate about whether nitrogen is better than regular old air, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be worse.

• A recent study highlighted by Public Radio International says that people report roughly the same rates of knowingly breaking traffic laws when traveling by car or by bicycle.  But as many of us know, some people get especially irate about supposed scofflaw cyclists.  That attitude — and a number of other things — goes back to something that is changing, albeit slowly: seeing people on bicycles as people, and as a normal, acceptable part of everyday life rather than a weird person in your way.

• The official ribbon cutting for the Virginia Capital Trail is set for Friday, October 2 at 5:30, Great Shiplock Park.  There will also be a series of events along the trail the following day.  So we’re basically a month away from having a completed trail!!  Start the count down, get your bike in working order, and get ready to prove all of the skeptics wrong.