Break Away RVA – First New Ride Thursday

23 May

Slow Roll Detroit.  From

People coming up with fun new ways to get folks together and onto bikes and having fun.  I love it!  I’ve often fantasized about organizing something like Slow Roll Detroit or some other kind of regular fun social ride in Richmond if I had a lot more time.  And now these people went and did it.  Yay!

To be more exact, the new contribution to RVA bike culture is Break Away RVA.  You sign up for one of several starting points, follow the ride leader to a secret location, meet up with all of the riders coming from other places, and have more fun together.  This is not a race or a long trek, just a fairly short ride through the city with other people with bike rider bonding afterwards.  Check out the recent write-up in Richmond Magazine online (scroll down past the first segment).

The first ride is this Thursday.  Sign up on the Breakaway site.  I’ll be there leading the way form the north side if you choose that starting point.  Hope to see you there with lights and helmet!


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